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Imani S. Latif, Executive Director
It Takes a Village, Aurora, CO

The Alexander Foundation makes a huge difference in the lives of It Takes a Village LGBT program participants who are in need. 

Daniel Uehling, LCSW, CAC II, 
Clinical Social Worker, Ryan White

The Alexander Foundation is making a tremendous difference in the lives of our LGBT patients and their families. 

Ana Hopperstad, Executive
Boulder County AIDS Project

BCAP has benefitted immensely over many years as partners with The Alexander Foundation. 

  • We are an all-volunteer organization and through the spirit of giving, we will build a community of strength and dignity.


  • We will focus on a healthy, strong and vibrant LGBT community that is able to contribute to the community at large and society as a whole.

  • We will help others less fortunate than ourselves, and through a tradition of caring we better ourselves as well as others.

  • We will work to create small miracles that build better relationships, alliances and partnerships that enhance the LGBT community.